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  The Planning Center is your "home" on TechAtlas. From here you can view, edit and act upon the various components of your technology plan.  

Envision goals for technology by using your mission as your guide. 


Technology planning rooted in your organization's mission, led by a dynamic group, and guided by a vision of what success looks like will help you implement changes that make a difference. 

  Mission It is the mission of the Girl Scouts to Inspire girl to the highest ideals of character, conduct,patriotism and service so that they might become happy resourceful citizens.  


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  Vision Baxter Service Center's vision for technology is to have internet access and database connectivity for our 5 county service area. At least one computer with internet access and database access for training and record keeping. This would give volunteers up to the minute training and information allowing them to deliver the best services available within the required 2 hour response window. This technology will also allow delivery of information to help individuals and communities prepare for disasters.  



Assess your current technology.

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Prioritize tech improvements best suited to your organization. 


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