Assessment Results



Responses to the Basic Assessment (2003), based on responses from a total of 1182 organizations

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Question Response % Number Responding
Does your organization have a Web site?Yes77%905
Q46 (radio buttons)
No Response5%59
Is the web-site comprehensive, i.e., is it well integrated into the organizations' work?No54%633
Q47 (radio buttons)
No Response8%93
Does the organization have the ability to easily update the web site? Yes48%570
Q48 (radio buttons)
No Response7%86
Does your organization have either A single database to collect information about donors, volunteers and members and a single database to collect information about tracking clients OR One database to collect information about all of your constituents (donors, volunteers, members, and clients) Yes66%779
Q52 (radio buttons)
No Response5%65
Does the organization have a website with interactive opportunities, i.e., collect information from users or donate money?No66%784
Q54 (radio buttons)
No Response8%95
How many printers does your organization have?More than 1 printer per 10 computers66%781
Q68 (dropdown)
Less than 1 printer per 10 computers30%356
No Response5%55
Do you have a current inventory of the hardware and software your organization uses?Yes61%720
Q499 (radio buttons)
No Response4%53
Do you have a current record of staff members' computer skills?No76%900
Q500 (radio buttons)
No Response6%71
Is your website hosted using your own domain name --- e.g.,
Q2573 (radio buttons)
No Response8%92
Does your organization track software licenses to guarantee that all software in use is owned by your organization?Yes51%598
Q2661 (radio buttons)
Not Sure17%206
No Response6%67
How are your computers connected to the internet?DSL40%472
Q3074 (dropdown)
dial-up modem19%226
mixed, some dial up8%90
No Response7%77
not connected2%29
Do you have a firewall installed and correctly configured?Yes42%493
Q3144 (radio buttons)
Not Sure26%304
No Response6%74
How many computers does the organization use on a regular basis?AVG: 43Q3160 (text)
Please select the option that best describes your computer network.We have a client - server network.43%514
Q3165 (dropdown)
We have a peer - to - peer network.22%256
We do not have a computer network.20%233
We have one but I am not sure what it is.11%133
No Response5%56
Do you have written information about your technology such as tech support numbers, hardware, software, network, and Internet setup where you can find it easily when you need to maintain or modify the system?Yes44%515
Q3182 (radio buttons)
Not Sure11%134
No Response5%60
Do staff members know which files to make back-up copies of, and how to make and store those copies?No46%548
Q3183 (radio buttons)
Not Sure18%213
No Response6%69
Do you back up important files on a weekly basis or more frequently?Yes56%667
Q3184 (radio buttons)
Not Sure7%84
No Response5%65
Do you test your backup copies on a monthly basis to ensure you can recover your data?No62%737
Q3185 (radio buttons)
Not Sure14%164
No Response5%64
Does your database allow you to create both electronic and paper mailings (envelopes/labels)?Yes54%641
Q3186 (radio buttons)
Not Sure11%134
No Response5%64
Can you easily generate reports in formats for funders and for your own analysis?Yes42%496
Q3187 (radio buttons)
Not Sure12%136
No Response6%68
Can your organization's database(s) systematically track your interactions with donors, volunteers, and the people you serve?No52%612
Q3188 (radio buttons)
Not Sure12%140
No Response5%63
To whom does your organization provide email accounts?All Staff55%647
Q3189 (radio buttons)
Some Staff33%390
No staff8%93
No Response5%62
If you have a network, is it connected to the Internet?Yes72%846
Q3191 (radio buttons)
No Response13%148
Not Sure2%26
Does each staff member who needs Internet access have it on demand, i.e., without having to kick another user off the system?Yes68%806
Q3192 (radio buttons)
No Response6%76
Do all staff receive technology training to meet minimum level of technology competency required for their job? No55%654
Q3193 (radio buttons)
Not Sure12%143
No Response6%71
Does your organization update virus definitions at least twice a month? Yes47%555
Q3194 (radio buttons)
Not Sure16%186
No Response5%55
Does your organization update virus definitions whenever new viruses are reported as widespread?Yes53%625
Q3195 (radio buttons)
Not Sure16%193
No Response5%59
If your staff members received a virus alert or a virus attached to an email message, are you confident that they would know how to avoid triggering it and what to do with it?No46%545
Q3196 (radio buttons)
Not Sure19%230
No Response5%65
Do you replace your computers every three to five years?No51%606
Q3197 (radio buttons)
Not Sure13%155
No Response4%52
Do you have a maintenance schedule for your computers and other devices?No61%721
Q3198 (radio buttons)
Not Sure13%154
No Response4%50
Does your organization use only one application (type of software) for each task? No39%456
Q3199 (radio buttons)
Not Sure19%220
No Response5%65
Is virus protection software installed on every computer in your organization?Yes69%815
Q3200 (radio buttons)
Not Sure8%94
No Response5%55
Does your organization use more than one operating system? Yes48%564
Q3201 (radio buttons)
Not Sure7%86
No Response6%67